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How Judiciary Account Charge System works via Electronic Access Program

How Judiciary Account Charge System works via Electronic Access Program

The Judiciary maintains charge accounts for attorneys and others who establish such accounts to facilitate the payment of court fees. Interested individuals or business entities who are interested in subscribing to the Electronic Access Program ("EAP") and do not currently have an existing Judiciary Account Charge System ("jacs") account must establish and fund an account before they will be able to use the EAP. Opening a Judiciary Charge Account is simple and straightforward. You can do it quickly with an easily obtained Judiciary User ID. Need more information? Please click here to learn about our jacs self-service application.

Once the account is established, registration is completed and the subscriber begins using the EAP, use fees of $4.00 per minute commence upon connection to the Judiciary computer and accumulate until the subscriber disconnects. Use fees are deducted from the subscriber's jacs account daily. The subscriber authorizes the Judiciary to withdraw such fees without prior notice to the subscriber. The subscriber will be provided with a monthly statement of charges incurred since the last billing cycle. A minimum balance in the jacs account of $500.00 is required at all times in order to access the EAP. The Clerk of the Superior Court reserves the right to change the required deposit amount in the future.

The EAP will automatically check the subscriber's debit account balance prior to granting access to the system. If the account balance is less than $500.00, the message "DC906426 ACCOUNT NOT ACTIVE CALL SUPERIOR COURT CLERK'S OFFICE, ELECTRONIC ACCESS PROGRAM 609-421-6100" will be displayed and access to the EAP will be denied.

The EAP provides subscribers with the ability to enter client identifiers when accessing the Automated Case Management System. The purpose of this feature is to summarize use charges by client identifier. Any charges not identified by client identifier will appear as undistributed usage. A summary of charges accrued during the month will appear on the monthly "Statement of Account," a computer-printed report provided to every subscriber. A sample "Statement of Account" follows.


Example of the Statement of Account produced monthly.