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The Supreme Court of New Jersey – The <strong>family</strong> Trees

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History of Appointments to the New Jersey Supreme Court

The first chief justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court under the 1947 state constitution was Arthur T. Vanderbilt, and the original six associate justices were Henry E. Ackerson, Albert E. Burling, Clarence E. Case, Harry Heher, A. Dayton Oliphant and William A. Wachenfeld.

As each justice departed the court, the name of the justice who succeeded them is listed below theirs on the grid below. For example, Joseph Weintraub succeeded Vanderbilt as chief justice and William J. Brennan Jr. succeeded Ackerson. The names of those who now sit on the court are listed at the bottom of each grid.

Click on the name of each chief justice and associate justice for their biography.

As of Aug. 24, 2021

supreme court family tree Arthur T. Vanderbilt Joseph Wentraub Pierre P. Garven Richard J. Hughes Robert N. Wilentz Deborah T. Poritz James R. Zazzali Stuart Rabner Henry E. Ackerson William J. Brennan Jr. Joseph Weintraub John J. Francis Pierre P. Garven Robert L. Clifford James H. Coleman Jr. John E. Wallace Jr. Walter F. Timpone Fabiana Pierre-Louis Albert E.Burling Vincent S. Haneman Worrall F. Mountain Stewart G. Pollock Peter G. Verniero Roberto A. Rivera-Soto Anne M. Patterson Clarence Edwards Case Nathan L. Jacobs Sidney M.Schreiber Gary S. Stein Barry T. Albin Harry Heher Thomas Schettino Mark A. Sullivan Daniel J. O'Hern James R. Zazzali Helen E.Hoens Faustino J. Fernandez-Vina A.Dayton Oliphant Haydn Proctor Morris Pashman Marie L. Garibaldi Jaynee LaVecchia William A. Wachenfeld Fredrick W. Hall Alan B. Handler Virginia A. Long Lee A.Solomon