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eCourts - Attorney Instructions

eCourts - Attorney Instructions

eCourts Access Requirements and Instructions

Below are the requirements and step-by-step instructions for requesting access to eCourts.

Step 1. Activate Your Attorney ID

If you have never used the Attorney Online Registration and Payment Center to complete the annual attorney registration process, you will need to activate your Attorney ID by establishing an account through the online system. View the Quick Guide for Attorney ID Activation.

  • Already activated? If you currently use the Online Registration and Payment Center, your Attorney ID has been activated. However, please follow the steps below to ensure successful completion of your eCourts access request.

In addition to registering for electronic notification regarding the annual assessment, this activation process will prepare your Attorney ID for eCourts access configuration.

Step 2. Verify Your Attorney Contact Information

Access the Attorney Online Registration and Payment Center to verify the accuracy of your contact information.

An attorney’s contact information such as email address, phone number, mailing address will automatically be used in eCourts for e-filing purposes including distribution of all filing correspondence and notifications. For assistance with updating your attorney or attorney firm information, call 1-855-533-Fund (3863) or send an email to:

Step 3. jacs Account and eCourts

In order to submit a filing to the courts that requires a fee, you will need to establish a Judiciary Account Charge System (jacs) account. When creating your jacs account, please ensure that you complete the steps to associate (link) the Firm ID to the account. eCourts will NOT recognize the jacs account if the Firm ID has not been associated.

NOTE: Firm ID is NOT the Bar ID, but is the 9-position ID, starting with an "F", "H", or "L", assigned during the annual attorney registration. Contact the Superior Court Clerk’s Office if you do not know your Firm ID). To create a jacs account go to the Welcome to jacs Home page.

NOTE: If you have an existing Judiciary Account Charge System (jacs) account, please ensure that the Firm ID has been associated (linked) to the account. eCourts will not recognize your account if the Firm ID has not been associated. Step by step instructions for associating (linking) the Firm ID to an existing account are provided in the jacs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) , in the Related Content section of the Welcome to jacs Home page.

Step 4. Access eCourts

All New Jersey attorneys in good standing are automatically granted access to eCourts. There is no longer a need to request eCourts access. To access eCourts, navigate to and login using your Attorney ID and password.