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The Promis/Gavel system is an automated criminal case tracking system. It captures information concerning defendants who have been charged with criminal offenses. It tracks the processing of those defendants from initial arrest through appellate review. The system provides the function of docketing, noticing, calendaring, statistical reporting and case management.

The Promis/Gavel system was implemented statewide as of January 1, 1994. With the statewide Promis/Gavel network, opportunities exist for interaction with all criminal justice systems as well as further enhancements of Promis/Gavel and the development of new applications.

County Prosecutors’ Offices handle the initial entry of all case information, e.g., defendant information, arrest and charge data. If the case is remanded or dismissed, the Prosecutor's Office closes the case and then notifies the originating municipality of this decision. If the case is indicted, the Superior Court assumes responsibility for the case and enters the final disposition and sentencing information. The final disposition and sentence are electronically sent to the State Police system and become part of the defendant’s official criminal record.

In addition to serving county Prosecutors’ Offices and the criminal courts, numerous outside agencies use Promis/Gavel to inquire about defendants’ case information and to perform further research based upon the information provided.

Selected information from Promis/Gavel is available to the public via public access terminals located at courthouses in each county and via the Internet public access portal.

The following press release provides further information on Public Access: New Jersey Superior Courts Offer Enhanced Public Access Technology.