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Intensive Supervision Program - Screening board

Intensive Supervision Program - Screening board

What is the Intensive Supervision Program?

The Intensive Supervision Program, or ISP, is a reentry program. Certain inmates who are serving state prison sentences are allowed to finish their terms in the community under strict supervision. ISP balances the rehabilitation of its participants with community safety through close supervision.

How Can I Get Involved?

The New Jersey Judiciary needs volunteers for its screening board. As a screening board member, you will review ISP applications, meet with ISP candidates, and make recommendations to accept or deny them. Recommended candidates are sent to the ISP Judicial Panel, which is composed of judges appointed by the chief justice.

Why Should I Become an ISP Screening Board Volunteer?

  • Have a positive impact on someone’s life.
  • Help decide who gets a second chance.
  • Gain insight on how the criminal justice system works.
  • Contribute to the community in a unique way.

How Can I Volunteer?

Complete the Volunteer Application and send it to
Attn: ISP Unit P.O Box 974 Trenton NJ-08625

For more information about the ISP Screening Board and how to apply, contact the Probation Ombudsman’s Office at or call 609-815-3810 ext. 16314.