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Pro Hac Vice Admission Requirements
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Pro Hac Vice Admission Requirements

Pro Hac Vice Requirements, Rule 1:21-2(a); 1:20-1(b); 1:28-2 and 1:28B-1(e).
Attorneys who are admitted pro hac vice are obligated to pay the annual assessment and are required to provide supporting documentation.

Please provide the Fund with:

  1. A completed PHV-19 2022 form;
  2. A signed copy of the Court Order. If the judge requires payment before signing the Order, please send a copy of the unsigned Order. Then, send a copy of the signed Order when it becomes available. If you are appearing before a board or commission and there is no Court Order, indicate this in a cover letter and submit copies of your paperwork;
  3. A check payable to the NJ Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection in the amount of $212.00 (See Pro Hac Vice Fee Schedule) for each attorney being admitted;
  4. Notification when each matter is concluded. An attorney's pro hac vice appearance continues until the matter is concluded, or there is a substitution of counsel, or the filing of a notice of withdrawal with the Court.  The Fund must continue to seek payment until the attorney gives notice that either the matter, or the attorney's appearance in it, has formally concluded.

Please Note the Following:

Pro hac vice attorneys also licensed in New Jersey - Attorneys who are licensed in New Jersey and who have paid the annual assessment are not required to pay an additional fee for pro hac vice admission. Attorneys licensed in New Jersey who maintain a bona fide office in any state or territory of the United States, Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia need no longer be admitted pro hac vice to handle a matter in New Jersey. Rule 1:21-1(a).

Ineligible Attorneys - Attorneys who are ineligible to practice law in New Jersey due to nonpayment of fees are also ineligible for admission pro hac vice. They must first pay all fees due.

Only one fee per year - The fee is assessed once per calendar year per attorney. Attorneys admitted for additional cases within the calendar year should submit the appropriate paperwork; however, no additional fee is required. If a case continues into the next calendar year, the fee for that year will have to be paid. An attorney's appearance continues until either the matter is concluded or there is a substitution of counsel.

Payment if admitted in Federal Court - Attorneys admitted pro hac vice in Federal Court in New Jersey are similarly obligated to pay. L. Civ. R. 101.1(c)(2).
If you need further assistance, please contact the Fund's Billing Unit at 855-533-FUND (3863).