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Requesting a Superior Court <strong>transcript</strong> for Your Appeal

Requesting a Superior Court or Tax Court transcript for Your Appeal

Ordering Process for Attorneys

Attorneys must order their transcripts through eCourts Appellate.

NOTE: If your transcript request is for a Superior Court case and is not related to an appeal, contact the local county transcript office directly. If your transcript request is for a Tax Court case and is not related to an appeal, please fill out the court transcript request form and email it to

Ordering Process for Self-Represented Litigants

Self-represented litigants must order Superior Court and Tax Court transcripts using the Court transcript Request form.

Send by email to:


Mail to: Appellate Division
transcript Unit
Hughes Justice Complex
PO Box 968
Trenton, NJ 08625-0968

What happens after you order a transcript:

  1. Standard orders are processed in the order they are received. Daily and Expedited orders are given priority.
  2. The Appellate Division transcript Unit will contact a transcription agency or court reporter to transcribe the requested court proceeding.
  3. The agency or court reporter will contact you to request a deposit before starting your request.
  4. The agency or court reporter must receive your deposit before starting on your request. The deposit must be sent within five (5) business days. The start time for completion of your order begins once you make your deposit.
  5. Once your transcripts are completed, they will be sent to the Appellate Division transcript Unit. Attorneys can retrieve a copy through eCourts. Self-represented litigants will be mailed a copy on CD or by email.

List of certified transcribers

transcript FAQs

Why do I need a transcript?

A transcript of your court hearing or trial must be submitted with your appeal so that the appellate judges can review everything that was said in court. If you do not order or submit a transcript, your case might be dismissed.

Who must request a transcript?

The person filing the appeal must request and pay for the transcript.

How do I pay for transcripts?

The certified transcription agency or court reporter handling your request will contact you about a deposit. Deposits for the request can be paid by mailing in a check or credit card over the phone, depending on what is accepted by the transcription agency or court reporter.

How much does a transcript cost?

transcript costs are based on the length of the hearing(s) that are being transcribed. You can view Estimated Cost of transcripts for further information.

I received a fee waiver for my filing fees. Will transcript fees be waived as well?

Fee waivers do not apply to transcript fees for appeals. Another motion and Certification in Support of a Fee Waiver is required to attempt to have the transcript fees waived. transcripts at public expense are typically granted only in criminal cases where the defendant qualifies for that relief. Do not expect to receive transcripts at public expense for a civil or family appeal.

Can I choose which agency I want to provide my transcript?

You may request an agency as long as the transcript has not already been ordered and produced by another agency.

How do I request a transcript of my municipal court case?

You must order a transcript from the municipal court where the case was heard. Use the kit How to Appeal a Decision of a Municipal Court

How do I request a transcript of an agency proceeding?

You must contact the agency to get transcript information.

Who can I contact if I have questions about requesting a transcript?

For appeal transcript requests you can contact the Appellate Division transcript Unit at 609-376-3040. For non-appeal transcript questions, contact the local county transcript office directly using the link above.