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New Jersey Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection - Exemptions from Payment
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Exemptions from Payment - New Jersey Attorneys

Exemptions from payment are only as defined, without alteration, and cannot be claimed solely by virtue of being prohibited from private practice, by being out-of-state, or by being exempt from pro bono counsel assignment.

Upon certification of same, the following categories of plenary license holders shall be exempt from payment:

  • At least since January 31 of the calendar year, completely retired from the practice of law. employment, if any, is not in any way related to the practice of law. Does not draft or review legal documents, render legal assistance or advice, teach law or serve in a court system in any capacity, in any jurisdiction;
  • At least since January 31 of the calendar year, on full-time active duty with the armed forces, AmeriCorps, or Peace Corps and not engaging in any way in private practice.

Exemptions are automatically granted to those plenary license holders who are:

  • Admitted in the current calendar year;
  • Admitted to practice for fifty years or more.