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    Dara Albericci challenged the probate of the estate of her late mother..."reasonable cause" for bringing a probate challenge, defined as a belief...
    Last Modified: 07/26/2022 9:59 AM
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  2. New Jersey Law Clerk Recruitment

    equity or the probate part. General equity and probate part handle...courthouses. Probate part judges, who handle the probate assignment... Cache
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  3. Civil Mediation Resources

    Civil, General Equity and Probate Cases. Under R. 1:40-6, the... Cache
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  4. n220812b.pdf

    Chancery Division, Probate Part, with respect to probate matters pending...The Vicinage Chief Probation Officer/ Probation Division Manager...
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  5. Brenda Beacham Named Director of Office of Prob...

    Named Director of Office of Probation Services Brenda Beacham has...director of the Office of Probation Services in the Administrative...
    Last Modified: 07/26/2022 3:09 PM
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  6. A-0022-21 - STATE OF NEW JERSEY VS. ALTARIQ F. ...

    on recovery court special probation after he pled guilty to a...second violation of that probation. We vacate the orders and...
    Last Modified: 07/18/2022 9:59 AM
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  7. Atlantic/Cape May Vicinage to Host Youth Engage...

    interactive event for youth probation clients on Tuesday, July 19...Atlantic City. As a part of Probation and Pretrial Services Week...
    Last Modified: 07/18/2022 3:38 PM
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  8. Passaic Vicinage to Join MVC for Services for C...

    Services for Court Users The probation division in Passaic County...successful recovery court and probation clients who want to rebuild...
    Last Modified: 08/05/2022 1:43 PM
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  9. Self-Help Resource Center

    Delinquency Criminal Matters and Probation Recovery Court Extreme Risk...Application Help for Veterans Probation Client Portal Municipal Court... Cache
    Last Modified: 07/29/2022 3:41 PM
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  10. Middlesex Vicinage

    88540 Probation ext. 88585 Civil ext.88171...Resources Municipal Division Probation Division Customer Service... Cache
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