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  1. Chief Justice James R. Zazzali of NJ Supreme Court

    Both men had careers largely devoted to public 1962, Jim embarked on a career with the labor movement representing... Cache
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  2. Associate Justice Present

    School in 1976, he began his career as a Deputy Attorney General...Pierre-Louis began her legal career as a law clerk to New Jersey... Cache
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  3. Adult Probation Supervision

    Re-entry Program Career One Stop NJ Career Connections Restitution...Information Homeless Services NJ Career Connections/Vocational Rehabilitation... Cache
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  4. Chief Justice Arthur T. Vanderbilt of NJ Suprem...

    nationwide to learn more about his career. The Boss besmirched Frank...Roscoe Pound summarized his career: “The great work of Chief Justice... Cache
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  5. Justices Biographies

    After beginning his career as an assistant U.S. attorney...School in 1976, he began his career as a Deputy Attorney General... Cache
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  6. Associate Justice Retired

    Justice Hoens began her legal career as a law clerk for Judge John...Coleman began his judicial career in May 1973, when he was appointed... Cache
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  7. Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D. Biography

    Prior to his judicial career, Judge Grant served as the... Cache
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  8. New Jersey Law Clerk Recruitment

    relationships that could drive your career forward. Watch our law clerk...Administrators: Your law school career services staff can use the... Cache
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  9. Human Resources Division

    We have career opportunities for individuals... Cache
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  10. Employment Opportunities

    Opportunities Thinking of a New Career in the New Jersey Judiciary... Cache
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