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  1. Comment #127 - Connie Bentley McGhee, Esq. (Fut...

    Login Zoom court proceedings have Some courts use the same zoom login identification code; others...
    Last Modified: 08/30/2021 11:10 AM
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  2. PowerPoint Presentation

    are conducted using a secure Zoom courtroom • For trials, all...juror prefers that option • Zoom onboarding help is available...
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  3. Virtual Civil Jury Trial Comment#024

    the "pleasure" of conducting zoom depositions since at least ability to log onto zoom, have audio, or stayed logged...
    Last Modified: 12/17/2020 4:54 PM
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  4. Comment #115 - Steven J. Petersen, Esq. (Future...

    Restraining Order hearings- on the Zoom platform. Not only was it efficient...needing to start another. With Zoom, this took only a few seconds...
    Last Modified: 08/30/2021 11:37 AM
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  5. Comment #020 - Douglas Burgess, Esq. (Future of...

    AM Comments Mailbox [External]Zoom Appearances CAUTION: This email...request for comment regarding Zoom appearances post re- opening...
    Last Modified: 08/19/2021 9:22 AM
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  6. Comment #112 - Municipal Court Judge Lauren A. ...

    Another common issue on the Zoom platform relates to audio functions...after a year of holding court in Zoom, there does not appear to be...
    Last Modified: 08/30/2021 11:15 AM
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  7. Instructions for Participants in Remote Court E...

    to Join and Participate in a Zoom Virtual Courtroom How to Join...Remote Interpreting (VRI) in Zoom Zoom - Software Requirements How... Cache
    Last Modified: 07/27/2021 1:49 PM
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  8. Comment #059 - Paul A. Massaro, Esq. (Future of...

    pertains the virtual (telephonic or ZOOM) arbitrations. By way of background...through a screen sharing when at a Zoom hearing or to have access .to...
    Last Modified: 08/23/2021 9:26 AM
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  9. Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem Vicinage to Celebra...

    in a virtual courtroom via Zoom. Family Division Presiding Judge... in a virtual courtroom via Zoom. Superior Court Judge John J...
    Last Modified: 11/18/2020 12:50 PM
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  10. eventsguidance.pdf

    where individual is incarcerated Zoom Teams Phone Cannot proceed remotely...where individual is incarcerated Zoom Teams Phone • TERPO as processed...
    Last Modified: 04/27/2020 8:11 PM
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