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  1. Parenting/Support Issues

    Filing Fees and Fee Waivers Custody and Visitation Consent Conference...Glossary Child Support, Child Custody, and Parenting Time Non-Dissolution... Cache
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    gang minimum custody status to full minimum custody status. For...gang minimum custody status to full minimum custody status. 3 A-2057-19...
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  3. A-0629-19 - DCPP VS. A.A.W., T.L. AND B.T., IN ...

    Family Part relating to the custody of her two children, T.T. and...combining applications for legal custody of the children by two caregivers...
    Last Modified: 06/01/2021 9:59 AM
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  4. A-0181-20 - C.O. VS. K.G. AND U.O. (FD-09-1010-...

    ordered a modification of a custody and parenting time order without...paternal grandmother and custodial caregiver of the child, M...
    Last Modified: 04/13/2021 9:59 AM
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  5. W.M. V. D.G. A-3097-19

    directing her to return physical custody of intervenor-respondent A-3097-19 4 defendant's custody. The situation deteriorated...
    Last Modified: 05/04/2021 9:32 AM
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  6. A-2908-18 - KYLE DOUGHTY VS. JAYME BECK (FD-01-...

    This is a post-judgment child custody dispute. Plaintiff Kyle Doughty...joint legal custody and evenly shared physical custody of their...
    Last Modified: 10/21/2021 9:59 AM
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  7. H.V.D.M. V. R.W. A-2877-19

    of a Canadian custody order that awarded custody to plaintiff...confidential nature of child custody records. A-2877-19T1 3 Daria...
    Last Modified: 03/26/2021 9:12 AM
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  8. A-0841-18T1 - R.K. VS. J.L. (FD-15-0010-17, OCE...

    2021 2 A-0841-18T1 In this custody dispute, defendant J.L.1, who...2018 order denying her full custody of the parties' minor son and...
    Last Modified: 01/14/2021 9:59 AM
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  9. A-4208-18 - T.O. VS. J.P. (FD-20-1233-18, UNION...

    custody of their daughter, K.O.1 She...A. 9:2-4(c) in making the custody award. We disagree and affirm...
    Last Modified: 11/24/2021 9:59 AM
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  10. A-3411-19 - DCPP VS. T.T. AND M.J., IN THE MATT...

    continued Gemma's physical custody with her maternal grandmother...and continued Gemma's legal custody with Lucy, jointly shared with...
    Last Modified: 06/14/2021 9:59 AM
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