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  1. Family Practice Committee

    IV-D Child Support Services; Probation Division Enforcement Monitoring-Only...IV-D Child Support Services; Probation Division Enforcement Monitoring-Only...
    Last Modified: 10/18/2018 3:16 PM
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  2. Atlantic/Cape May Vicinage Employees Organize F...

    washable cloth masks for probation officers supervising clients...Sharnett Clark, vicinage chief probation officer. said the masks will...
    Last Modified: 04/21/2020 2:57 PM
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  3. Notice and Order – Authorization to Vacate Cert...

    Beacham, Assistant Director for Probation Services, by email at brenda...the Judiciary's Office of Probation Services has revealed that...
    Last Modified: 11/25/2019 8:49 AM
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    adjustment", or "in-house probation". Defendant admits there is...per the parties "in-house probation, no fines or court fees were...
    Last Modified: 01/27/2020 2:11 PM
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  5. In the Matter of the Request to Commute or Susp...

    either as a condition of probation for an indictable offense...sentence (1) as a condition of probation, or (2) as a result of a municipal...
    Last Modified: 03/23/2020 10:53 AM
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  6. Notice Supplemental Report of the 2019-2021 Fam...

    (except with members of the probation department) and appeals matters enforced by the Probation Division, child support delinquencies...
    Last Modified: 02/19/2021 8:53 AM
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  7. A-5556-18 - STATE OF NEW JERSEY VS. HAKEEM S. G...

    with a five-year term of probation with 364 days in the county...with a five-year term of probation with 364 days in the county...
    Last Modified: 09/23/2021 9:59 AM
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  8. a_58_17.pdf

    to “place the defendant on probation.” Caliguiri’s determination...ineligibility or impose a term of probation under certain circumstances...
    Last Modified: 08/26/2019 8:48 AM
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  9. Directive #04-04 - Protocol to Implement L. 200...

    incarcerated, the Criminal Division Probation Officer must inquire whether...child, the Criminal Division probation officer shall complete the...
    Last Modified: 10/18/2018 4:15 PM
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  10. AishaahRasulComplaint.pdf

    Wilks on "in-house probation" for one year and warned that...assault," stating "We're your probation officer." In addition, Respondent...
    Last Modified: 11/13/2019 11:28 AM
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