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  1. Order - Municipal Court Judges Authorized to Ha...

    vicinage those Municipal Court judges authorized by the Chief Justice...Abad (now a Superior Court judge) add Hon. Rahat A. Chatha add...
    Last Modified: 10/14/2021 9:27 AM
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  2. Order – Further Revisions to the List of Munici...

    vicinage those Municipal Court judges authorized by the Chief Justice...the List of Municipal Court Judges Authorized to Handle CJP/First...
    Last Modified: 01/05/2021 8:57 AM
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  3. Notice - COVID-19 - Next Phase of Court Operati...

    INCREASE IN ON-SITE PRESENCE OF JUDGES AND EMPLOYEES; (2) EXPANDED...Superior and Municipal Court judges and state court employees in...
    Last Modified: 06/04/2021 8:42 AM
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  4. Order – Designation of Judge John J. Burke III ...

    Warrant ("CDW") Judges those Superior Court judges authorized to...nondisclosure orders ("CDW Judges Order"), which order has been...
    Last Modified: 04/30/2021 8:47 AM
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  5. eCourts Training

    Case Resolution – Workbaskets (Judges/Courts/Prosecutors) Online...eCDR for judges - full video User ID and Log in for Judges eCDR Judges-Courts... Cache
    Last Modified: 10/13/2021 11:26 AM
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  6. Directive #12-21 – Municipal Courts – Time Paym...

    From: Subj: Date: Assignment Judges Trial Court Administrators...defendant, the municipal court judge should engage in a discussion...
    Last Modified: 08/17/2021 4:09 PM
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  7. New Jersey Judiciary Releases General Assignmen...

    order lists all assignments for judges in the Appellate Division,...acting assignment judges, vicinage presiding judges of each trial...
    Last Modified: 08/06/2021 6:34 PM
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  8. New Jersey Law Clerk Recruitment

    into the daily activities of judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys...with a judge. Applicants will be contacted directly by judges or... Cache
    Last Modified: 09/01/2021 10:38 AM
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  9. Directive – Virtual Civil Jury Trials During CO...

    TO: Assignment Judges Civil Presiding Judges FROM: Glenn A. Grant...promulgating additional guidance to judges presiding over virtual civil...
    Last Modified: 01/07/2021 3:45 PM
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    A judge therefore shall uphold and should...Impartiality of the Judiciary A judge shall participate in establishing...
    Last Modified: 02/26/2021 8:16 AM
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